Give My Regards to Broady

Big Broady

About the show:


Broady started life as a revue-style cabaret show with disconnected scenes and songs focussed around Melbourne’s idiosyncrasies. After a short time however, Karin and collaborator James Simpson, under the direction of Dan Walmsley settled on a storyline involving characters named Karin and James surviving the summer heat and making enough money to live. The characters were helped by South Yarra princess Erin (Newington) and oblivious country-born Luke (Hales), both friends of Karin from Uni. The band consisted of James on piano, Kat Chish on violin and bass and Em Muiznieks (Karin’s younger sister) making her stage debut on guitar, percussion and french horn.


The show premiered in the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and played to sold-out houses during its short run. The show was re-vamped, reduced and restaged at the Melbourne Fringe Festival that same year under the direction of Lana Schwarcz.


After lying dormant for three years, Give My Regards To Broady was dusted off and revamped for a third incarnation – this time with the assistance of Theatre Works’ Musical Works theatre development program. The play was recast with younger actors and directed by Scott Gooding, with dramaturgical guidance from Aaron Joyner, founder of Magnormos. The themes of the show were largely unchanged but the titanic show-stopper Livinia was replaced by the old fashioned Broadway number Erin’s Turn and the new crowd favourite Half Built Ferris WheelBroady was restaged in the huge Theatre Works space as a double bill with Housewarming The Musical, another show about young people in Melbourne.


Even though the show had been recast, many members of the original cast of Broady stayed on to help with the remount. James Simpson returned as conductor and musical arranger, Erin Newington returned as choreographer and Em Muiznieks was the only cast member to reprise her original role as musician – adding a few more instruments and gags to her repertoire. Karin remained as writer, composer and producer.


Revival cast of Give My Regards To Broady


Original Press Release:

Sick of shows imported from New York, London, former Kabul? Here is your express ticket to Broadway glamour… with a miniskirt and ugg boots! From the vertiginous heights of Crown Casino, to the snap-panted horror of the Broadmeadows Bi-Lo car-park.
We’re doing for Melbourne what “New York, New York” did for… New York. Transforming the sub-bourbon to the sublime.


A dazzling new musical revue by award-winning comedy composer Karin Muiznieks. Starring a white-hot cast of young Melburnian singers and dancers including James Simpson (Virgin Wars), Erin Newington (Bare) and Luke Hales (Bat Boy), who box-step and belt their way through Australia’s most livable city. John So said so!

Love Cast

2011 Press release:

Give My Regards To Broady is a celebration of everything that makes this city tick – from Ticket Inspectors to Livinia Nixon – as seen through the eyes of four aspiring Melbourne artists.


Housemates, Karin and James have their sights firmly set on the big lights of fame and fortune but as the bills start piling up they begin to  wonder if a career in the arts is all it’s cracked up to be. With the help of their friends Erin and Luke they accidentally create a full-scale Broadway-style musical in their own living room, finding happiness somewhere between Kander and Ebb and the kitchen sink.


Written by Green Room Award nominee Karin Muiznieks (World War Wonderful, Filthy Secrets), James Simpson (Lasalle College of the Arts) and Antenna Award nominee Dan Walmsley (Planet Nerd, Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening.) Directed by Green Room Award nominee Scott Gooding (Eric, Blood, First Against The Wall.)

Claire Healy (Karin) and Leigh Booth (James)



The Groggy Squirrel 10/4/08


Australian Stage 1/12/11


Theatrepeople 2/12/11





The Age 4/4/08


SYN FM 7/12/11