First Against the Wall

First Against the Wall

About the show:

First Against The Wall is the companion piece to World War Wonderful. For every bright, toe-tapping tune in WWW there’s a grizzling cynical growl from FATWa. Written one year after the success of WWW, this show set out to whip up a revolution in the audience every night using stick figures and hardcore logic.


Karin returned for the first time in 3 years to the one-woman show format, taking pianist James Simpson and multi-instrumentalist Em Muiznieks along for the ride. First Against The Wall, premiered in 2010 running a mere two weeks in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Karin was once received a Green Room Nomination for Best Original Songs in a Cabaret and Scott Gooding received a nomination for Best Director in a Cabaret.


First Against The Wall had a short revival season in 2012 as part of the St Ali Comedy Collective, a theatrical initiative in South Melbourne, with Tyson Armstong on piano and Em Muiznieks on everything. In the true spirit of revolution, the show was “pay-as-you-feel”, which resulted in one audience member emptying every last pocket into the hat, including lollies and a pen.


Getting ma rock on.


Press Release:

What’s wrong with society? Everything! It’s time we started a brand spankin’ new one. We’ve just gotta overthrow a couple of governments, liberate some people and solve a few global concerns like war, famine, greed and Charlie Sheen.


Let’s all band together (but not in a Commie way), strive to be our best (but not in a Capitalist way) and do what’s best for mankind (but not in a religious way). The future’s in our hands!


Viva la revolution!


From the creator of World War Wonderful and Give My Regards To Broady.


“The next woman to take over the cabaret comedy scene – and quickly.” artsHub

“Fiercely intelligent, laugh-out-loud funny.” The Groggy Squirrel

“Karin Muiznieks is a talented, witty, intelligent and clever woman, but a twisted one just the same.”





RHUM 4/2010


Aus Comedy Review 10/4/2010


Man About Town 10/4/2010


Tyson Armstrong & Karin Muiznieks