Filthy Secrets

2011 MICF Cast


About the show:


Filthy Secrets became what Give My Regards To Broady initially set out to be. Karin initiated the project as composer, producer and performer, long-time collaborator Scott Gooding was director and dramaturg, Comedy writing veteran Nick Caddaye came on board as sketch writer and project manager Daniel Nicholls provided support as production manager. With choreographer Trudy Radburn and costume designer Allison Drosdowsky on board, as well as four more performers – Louise McCrae, Luke Hales, Cameron Thomas and Em Muiznieks – the show was a major collaboration.


Nick and Karin worked together, drawing from each others’ ideas and characters to create a four-hander sketch and song show about deviant activities that might go on behind the closed doors of the upper class. The show featured topical references that were described as very cutting-edge and occasionally a bit gross. The show covered topics from murder, to football, to cross dressing. The biggest laughs of the show was ultimately stolen by Em Muiznieks for her part in the old hymn Jerusalem.


Filthy Secrets premiered in a tiny two night showing at The Butterfly Club. These humble beginnings were soon outstripped with a full season in the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. During the season, representatives from the Melbourne Cabaret Festival attended the show and booked it on the spot for a return season in July. The Cabaret Festival season saw Luke Hales role played by cabaret veteran Karlis Zaid.


Louise McCrae, Luke Hales, Cameron Thomas & Karin Muiznieks


Original Press Release:

Dark, devious and downright dirty songs and sketches from the mischievous minds of cabaret mistress Karin Muiznieks and repeat offender Nick Caddaye. Relax, pour yourself a wine, and let Filthy Secrets tickle your…fancy…


Filthy Secrets plumbs the forbidden depths of the human mind – from sensual desire to murderous intent – the thoughts usually hidden and suppressed by civilised folk. Tonight we tear down the façade of upper-class decency and reveal the raw, animalistic vulgarity behind the pearls and cigars.


From the creators of The Anarchist Guild Social Committee and World War Wonderful (Green Room nominee: Best Original Songs.)


Deliciously satisfying…this is indeed something big.” ArtsHub


Wicked, witty, tight and tuneful.” The Pun


Sexy, sly, articulate…10/10.” RHUM


Is Nick Caddaye the Svengalis of Melbourne sketch comedy? He probably is.” The Groggy Squirrel


Directed by Scott Gooding

Performed by Karin Muiznieks, Louise McCrae, Luke Hales and Cameron Thomas




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