Can’t Afford a Real Show?


About the show:
Can’t Afford a Real Show? and its sister show Can’t Afford A Summer Holiday? were born out of Karin’s experiences being a poor student and artist. The show covered a range of themes from body image to Star Wars, all based around the positives and negatives of staying in Melbourne while everyone else leaves for holidays. The shows were staged in 2007 and marked Karin’s second solo comedy writing venture – though all the songs were covers.


Press Release:
Big name celebrities! Show-stopping numbers! Glittering costumes!


…are just SOME things this show doesn’t have. The list could go on forever.


Karin has enough raw musical talent to fill Rod Laver Arena but forgot to fill out her tax return. The best show ever created on a 20 dollar budget!


Pretty, witty and packed full of unbridled enthusiasm, Karin Muiznieks is a trained singer/actor who makes frequent appearances on Melbourne’s stand-up comedy circuit. She’s returning to The Butterfly Club, with her passively explosive pianist Cameron Thomas, performing original comedy with songs nicked fromĀ Family Guy,Fascinating Aida, Tom Lehrer, Piaf and more.



The Age 20/4/07

The Groggy Squirrel 20/4/07



The Groggy Squirrel 15/3/07