Hey mate, don’t be a stranger. Chuck me a line at:

I’m available for performance, collaboration, script and songwriting, touring and even lessons if you wanna learn how to Karin in your own time. I’m based in New Orleans, Louisiana at the moment, so factor that into your google maps transit time.


Very importantly, I offer sheet music transcription service for musicians and singers who just can’t find that piece they’re looking for! As a young Musical Theatre student this used to drive me nuts, so I figured I’d use my powers for good and give one back to the kids. Here’s what I can do:


  •  Create a CD-quality audio track from sheet music.
  •  Record CD-quality piano accompaniments for rehearsal/auditions/performance.
  •  Transpose sheet music into the correct key.
  •  Alter, edit or cut sheet music.
  •  Alter, edit or cut audio tracks.
  •  Pretty much anything to do with preparing for Musical Theatre auditions.
Thanks to the internet, all this can be done online. Send your sheet music enquiries to: