I currently have in stock two cast recordings from previous shows, World War Wonderful and Hot Box. If you’d like to purchase either soundtrack please send an email to me at: and I’ll post one out to you. Each CD costs $10 (AUD) plus postage.




World War Wonderful


Music and Lyrics by Karin Muiznieks

Vocals: Karin Muiznieks, Erin Newington & Louise McCrae

Piano: James Simpson

Brass and Percussion: Emma Muiznieks

Production: Topher Sprake 2009

© K. Muiznieks 2008





Karin Danger: Hot Box


Music and Lyrics: Karin Muiznieks

Vocals: Karin Muiznieks & Cameron Thomas

Piano: Cameron Thomas

Production: David Bridie 2013

© K. Muiznieks 2012-2013


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