30 DAYS OF CALM: Day Six

Activities: 1 x Meditation, a jog (but jogs don’t count because I do them all the time) and a big delicious beer (which does count because I never drink before a show.)


Feelings: Is busyness a feeling? And what about being hot and sweaty?


Thoughts: It was another fuller-than-a-bucket-of-whale-meat day. Morning production meeting, afternoon business meeting, night time gig. I was out all day (in jeans because I was a moron) and I had so little time to myself that I had to choose between morning jogging and morning meditating. I hadn’t jogged for a couple of days and my calves were begging for a half hour run. My brain, on the other hand, was trying to weasel out of meditation like a school kid faking polio. I caved in, like a parent who’s tired of shouting at Timmy to quit hunching over and get in the car.


My jog was very mentally focussed. When you’re dying of oxygen deprivation and muscle fatigue your mind doesn’t wander too far from “gotta keep living…. a few steps more…why did I think this was a good idea?” Then when you get home and cry in the shower a bit you feel all refreshed and powerful. Sometimes it feels better to shake out all the stress on the outside, rather than try to squish it all down from the inside.


The challenge for the day was to drink a nice relaxing beer before going onstage. Some performers (*cough*comedians*cough*) will never get onstage without a beer, but I normally never, ever do that, like ever. I’m half scared that I’ll forget everything I’ve learned in the last 20 years, and half scared that if it goes well I’ll get all superstitious and need to consume a slab before performing for the rest of my career. But this was a low-stress gig – friendly crowd, great atmosphere and I was performing with Em and Si, my siblings, so if I totally dropped the ball I could just blame them.


I enjoyed my big frosty beer at about 8pm and we were performing at around 9. I didn’t feel drunk or freaked out or anything. I forgot a few of the words but that was because I hadn’t done a terrific job learning them to begin with. My mum (who was in the crowd) said it was the most relaxed she’d ever seen me onstage, but she attributed that to Si and Em’s influence (and the blame thing, I guess.)┬áIt was a really fun gig at the end of a big sweaty day and I got home after midnight with yet another early start the next day. I decided to meditate myself to sleep to save time. It must’ve worked because I lay down, focussed on x-raying my head, face, neck, arms… huh? It’s morning?


Here’s proof that a big delicious beer was poured by me into a cup. I definitely did drink it but you’ll have to rely on eye-witness accounts for proof of that.

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