30 DAYS OF CALM: Day Five

Activities: Relaxing beach swim, 1 x meditation – because I forgot the morning one.


Feelings: I actually felt super relaxed! Don’t know if that was from the day’s activities or if it was a hangover from my previous day of isolation.


Thoughts: Oh what a joy to walk amongst the human race once more! I woke up and eagerly squished Em to remind myself what other humans felt like. Em felt annoyed. I had an early start and had to zoom off to Docklands for a 9am meeting. Between getting dressed, telling off the dogs and delighting in Em I managed to completely forget my morning meditation! Luckily, the meeting was very agreeable and fun and I didn’t feel all stressed out by it.


Later, I drove over to my Sexy Man Friend’s house to do some more fun work. It was a hot day so I suggested we both partake of my Day Five Calm Challenge – a lovely swim – at the peak of the day. My Sexy Man Friend was very stressed about computer things so we had a double reason to go. We hopped in the car at 1pm and trundled down for a swim at the Altona pier. It was low tide and we had been warned by Housemate Mac to beware of the jellyfish. I thought he was trying to spook me, but sure enough we had barely splashed our ankles before we saw some big, scary death-jellies wobbling towards us. I was convinced they were poisonous, Sexy Man Friend was more skeptical so we enjoyed a pleasant bask in the warm, killer-jelly-infested water under the sparkling, cancer-enducing sun.


Here’s some proof that the jellies were even trying to come sting us on land.


I don’t know what about the beach made me feel so calm. We were only there for about an hour because our sunscreen was dodgy and we didn’t trust it to keep us pale. Maybe it was the fact that we took a genuine break – even a short one. I always find it hard to take time off where I’m not combing through To-Do lists over and over in my head. It was nice to take a little bit of time, go somewhere with a big blue horizon and forget about the business waiting to be done at home. It certainly de-stressed Sexy Man Friend, the computer was still annoying but not dominating his mind. I felt lovely and relaxed for the whole rest of the day


At night I tried my meditation again without the timer. I must’ve gotten a bit dehydrated during the beach jaunt because I had a headache all night. The meditation didn’t really impact on that much. Part of me was hoping that the power of positive thought would heal my skull, the other part was going “get this over quick so we can go to bed” and another, more creepy part was thinking “maybe the concentrated thought will mix with the headache and explode my brain entirely!” None of these things happened and I am still, as ever, baffled by meditation.


Here’s me at the beach. This was pre jelly-attack.

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